Safety Tips

The Atlanta Police Department shared some safety tips with us at their annual Neighborhood Watch Training. While these tips are important, they noted that the best defense against crime is neighborhood relations. The police react when bad things happen, but the community can come together to help prevent crime. Join the Trolley Patrol today to secure our neighborhoods together!
Your Home
  • Have a strong wooden door with a 2 1/2 inch long deadbolt and 6 inch screw.
  • If you have an alarm system, it isn't for your house, it's for your neighbors. Set off your alarm, stand outside, and if you can't hear it, install a siren or horn in your attic.
  • Use dusk to dawn bulbs to automatically vary when your lights are on.
Your Yard
  • Trim bushes and other greenery so that your windows and door are visible.
  • Don't leave items around your windows that someone could use to get in. For example, if your trash can is under a window, someone could stand on it to get inside the house through that window.
  • Get a mailbox with a lock to help prevent identity theft.
Your Car
  • Have a clean car with nothing in it and lock your doors.
  • Don't leave your garage door opener in your car. If someone breaks into your car, they are then able to get into your home.
  • Don't leave mail in your car - this will tell the thief where you live.

Your Social Media
  • Turn your location settings off.
  • Post vacation pictures after you return.

Call 911 for emergencies, and 311 for non-emergencies.

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