For Businesses and Sponsors

Your business can benefit in several ways from becoming a member or sponsor of the Trolley Patrol.

Business Membership

Businesses within our service area can help to reduce crime, including the escalating number of brazen burglaries committed against restaurants and other small businesses in the area. Showing your support for the Trolley Patrol to neighbor-customers generates good will for your business, which can lead to increased sales. Join Now: Business Membership - $350/yr


Your business doesn't have to be in our service to receive the benefits of sponsorship. Sponsors receive advertising opportunities on our website and in member communications. Join Now: Sponsorship - $1000/yr

Advertising on the Trolley Patrol Website

Would you like to reach an audience committed to public safety and home security? Our members are interested in a wide range of products and services to help them protect their homes, families and property. If your company sells security systems, outdoor lighting, hardware, computer tracking software, camera systems, firearms or a wide range of other products, you should consider advertising with the Trolley Patrol.

Interested in advertising? Contact Us.
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