Trolley Patrol Leadership

The Trolley Patrol is a volunteer-run, volunteer-driven organization. Continue reading for more information about the Trolley Patrol's leaders.

Uzo Okafor, President/Webmaster

A native of Stone Mountain, Georgia, Uzo moved to Ormewood Park in October 2014. He joined the Trolley Patrol within days of moving in and volunteered to join the organization to help bring added technical expertise to broaden Trolley Patrol's mission and reach. He assumed the president role in March 2018.

Brent Huff, Treasurer

A native Atlantan, Brent has lived in Ormewood Park for over 20 years. He and his partner Mike joined Trolley Patrol when it was initially rolled out, as a reaction to a spike in crime at the time. He volunteered for the treasurer role in 2016 because he is passionate about our neighborhood and wants it to be as safe as possible.

Susy Meier, Secretary

Susy Meier has been in Atlanta since 1986, and made her way to Ormewood Park in 1997. Her husband, Martin, is an ITP native of Atlanta and joined her in OP in 2003. They are founding members of the Trolley Patrol, and have greatly appreciated the vacation check ins and assistance from the TP officers over the years. Susy volunteers with the Trolley Patrol to provide support to the Board in whatever ways possible to help keep our neighborhood safe and the organization on track.

Mandy Lane, Fundraising Coordinator

Mandy moved to Ormewood Park in 2013, and grew up in the Atlanta area. She chose Ormewood to raise her daughter and run her piano teaching business due to the great neighborhood feel, ability to bike around, and close proximity to downtown. She joined Trolley Patrol right after moving in, and has benefited from holiday patrols and the ability to communicate with patrol officers about concerns.

Christian Mendonça, Membership Coordinator

Christian is a native of Connecticut who moved to Atlanta in the Spring of 2016 after 8 years in Brooklyn. He and his wife, Cristina, moved to Ormewood Park in Spring of 2017 after falling in love with the neighborhood when they experienced Halloween on Woodland Ave. He recently joined the Trolley Patrol in hopes of getting more involved with the community and recruiting more neighbors to join what he considers to be a valuable asset to the neighborhood (The Trolley Patrol).

Staci Turner, Communications Coordinator

Staci is a project manager for an advertising agency here in town, and is joining us as our Communications Coordinator. Her main focus to get the word out about all of the good the Trolley Patrol volunteers have been doing behind the scenes. Staci’s here to make sure our voice is heard and the community understands we’re here!

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