Frequently Asked Questions about Trolley Patrol

Q: How are my Trolley Patrol membership dues used?
A: Trolley Patrol dues are used primarily towards patrols hours (93%). The remaining amount covers other direct costs such as website hosting, Paypal, Trolley Patrol yard signs, etc. All Trolley Patrol leaders are volunteers and receive no compensation.

Q: Why do we need a neighborhood patrol?
A: The Atlanta Police Department does a great job, but they do not have the resources to patrol our intown neighborhoods 24/7. Trolley Patrol helps complement their efforts. Virtually every intown neighborhood has a neighborhood patrol to increase the eyes on our streets.

Q: How often are the Trolley Patrol officers in our neighborhood?
A: Our officers currently patrol more than 80 hours per month. The patrol times are deliberately varied, so any would be criminals do not learn their patterns. Our goal is to increase patrol hours, but we need additional members to Trolley Patrol to get there (that means you!).

Q: What’s the difference in a Gold and Silver level memberships?
A: Both Silver and Gold levels support our neighborhood patrols. Additionally, the Gold level gives you access to vacation notices, so the patrols will check on your home while you are out of town. The Gold level also includes a coveted Trolley Patrol yard sign.

Q: Who does the patrols and what car do they drive?
A: All Trolley Patrol Officers are off-duty members of Atlanta Police Department's elite SWAT unit. Our highly-skilled seasoned officers conduct their patrols in unmarked APD SWAT vehicles, most commonly a dark Ford F-250 with tinted windows. Keep an eye out for similar vehicles stopping to say hello to neighbors who are out and about in the community, as our officers recently commenced more proactive and interactive community policing tactics.

Q: How can I help?
A: Non-Members: Join us! You can sign up here. If you are unsure about where the money would go and are consequently reluctant to join, please know that there is a small but dedicated group of your neighbors who volunteer their time to make sure every dollar is accounted for and that we get the most patrol hours for our collective dollar. Our awesome volunteer treasurer tracks every single penny. We encourage all neighbors to join us and become a member of Trolley Patrol - and/or to make a one-time donation here.

Members: Recruit, Upgrade, Donate! If each member recruits one new member (think about your next door neighbors), then we could double our coverage pretty quickly. Also, we encourage all members to (i) confirm that your payment status is current in PayPal, (ii) consider upgrading to the next higher membership level, and/or (iii) make a one-time donation on our donation page so we can add more patrols in our communities during episodes of increased crime.

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